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How to Promote Your Child’s Prewriting Skills

Many children struggle with dysgraphia or trouble with handwriting. Learning some pre-writing skills is important for your child to get them ready and prepared for writing. Your child's pediatric occupational therapist may recommend a few ways in which your child can improve their handwriting skills, but typically the learning process should start even before your…
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Problems with Oral Sensory Processing

Typically, children with healthy oral sensory processing enjoy trying a variety of foods, such as a vegetable soup and cereal with milk, with a range of textures and tastes and both known and unknown— although of course, they will have their preferences. They also put up with brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist without…
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Explaining Proprioception

Simply put, proprioception is the body’s ability to sense itself. Proprioception dysfunction is a sensory processing disorder that has been observed in children with issues like Asperger’s and ADHD. It shows as difficulties in a child understanding boundaries when interacting with others, as well as not knowing where their physical body is in space. Proprioception…
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