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Why Does My Child Fidget?

You may recognize fidgeting when your child makes small movements with their body, generally their feet and hands. Their teachers may tell you that they often tap their pencils or wiggle around in their chair in the classroom. It’s something that most children do. It's often linked with not paying attention. It often reflects restlessness…
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Elements of a Sensory Gym

Being a parent brings you lots of joy. However, if your child is struggling with a sensory processing disorder (SPD), there is a whole range of other challenges you may be facing. Everyday environments often don't accommodate children with SPD. For instance, if you have a child whose over-sensitive, they may find things like physical…
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What are the Signs of Sensory Overload in Children?

Parents who have children with behavioral and learning disorders will likely tell you their children also struggle with sensory overload problems. Sensory overload, or also referred to as sensory overstimulation, is when an environment's sensory experiences are too overwhelming for a child's nervous system to process it successfully or make any meaning out of the…
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