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How to Encourage Muscle Development During the Toddler Years

The toddler years are such an important developmental period for all areas, including the muscles. Gross motor skills are those skills that allow a person to successfully complete big movements— rolling over, jumping and throwing, for example. Fine motor skills are the skills that allow a person to successfully complete tasks using the muscles in…
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3 Autism-Friendly Activities in San Diego

There’s nothing more fun than exploring with your child. Whether it’s swimming, getting in touch with animals or adventuring into space, there are plenty of sensory integration therapy activities for children with autism that your child will adore exploring in the San Diego area. Here are three activities that are sure to please! Swim Away…
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4 Tips to Encourage a Disorganized Child

If you have a disorganized child, you might describe them as messy and forgetful. You might say they struggle to use their time efficiently or keep track of things. Or that they forget their homework. During a school consultation, a teacher may have said that your child lacks organization skills. Sound familiar? You can get…
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