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The Underactive Child

Are you concerned your child may have sensory integration dysfunction (sensory processing disorder)? This is where she is unable to process the transmitted information from her senses accurately. Although children can have either overactive or underactive sensory systems with this disorder, many are under sensitive to particular stimuli, which causes them to look for intense…
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The Overactive Child

If you have an overactive, or as they say, “spirited” child, he may appear to be strong-willed, super active, and yes, at times difficult. He may be more persistent, energetic, and intense than average. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and can mean that he is determined and enthusiastic. Still, his behavior and temperament…
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What are the Prerequisites to Handwriting Readiness?

Kids often struggle with handwriting, and this difficulty is referred to as dysgraphia. Handwriting skills are very important. In fact, around 30 to 60 percent of the class time spent in elementary schools is spent on writing activities and fine motor skills. It's important for your child to learn prewriting skills so they will be…
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