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Fine Motor Activities to Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

Fine motor activities are important because they encourage and help your child work on developing their fine motor skills. These skills are essential for proper handwriting. Before being introduced to writing, your child should get plenty of practice developing fine motor skills. Your child uses their small muscles of their body when practicing their fine motor…
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The Benefits of Cursive

In today's age of iPhones and tablets, you may wonder why your child even needs to learn cursive handwriting. Chances are most people will simply be dictating and typing in the future, right? Although electronic devices are making the writing process much easier and more convenient, evidence shows that using a pen and paper offers a number of…
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Fidget Spinners? Good or Gimmick?

Fidget spinners are small and made of metal or plastic. In the center, they have a bearing and have a few prongs that spin around it. The intent of the gadget is to provide mindless play while sitting in class. Although they have been around for some time now, they are just recently growing in…
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