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What are the Factors that Influence Handwriting?

Shortly after your child learns how to grasp a pencil or other writing tool, they begin scribbling on paper. As your child matures, this "scribbling" begins forming into handwriting. There are a number of factors that can influence handwriting and even cause handwriting problems in children. Let's take a look. Visual-Perceptual Skills Deficits If your…
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5 Finger Activities to Improve Handwriting

Finger and hand strength is essential and needed for children to perform daily activities, like climbing monkey bars, zipping or buttoning up their clothes, or cutting up their food. It's also needed for endurance so that he or she can perform activities like handwriting. Your child's pencil grasp can be influenced by a number of…
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4 Wrist Activities to Improve Handwriting

When your child starts learning handwriting, fine motor skills are very important. Your child needs to have good posture and physical stability, strong hands, fingers and wrists, and a good pencil grasp. Before your child starts working on pre-handwriting patterns and letter formation, it's a great idea to help him focus his brain and body…
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