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Types of Pencil Grasps

You pull out some crayons and paper to have some craft time with your 2-year-old. He’s super excited to let his creativity flow, but when he grabs a crayon, places it in the palm of his hand and wraps all of his fingers around it, you can’t help but want to correct how his grasp.…
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5 Ways to Encourage Children to Write

From jotting down notes to communicating ideas, writing is an invaluable skill that is used on a daily basis. The earlier children master this skill, the more successful their writing will be, and the more they will enjoy it. If thinking of ways to encourage your child to write leaves you scratching your head, here…
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Sensory Processing Challenges and Childhood Hygiene

Getting kids to brush their teeth, take a bath, brush their hair, and perform other basic hygiene tasks can be a challenge. Let’s face it: Soaping up in the sink is nowhere near as fun as playing with toys! However, while performing hygiene tasks can be difficult for all children, it is especially challenging for…
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