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Shoe Tying Tips for Children with Motor Difficulties

For an adult, shoe tying is an easy task. But for children, tying shoes isn’t exactly a cake walk. Shoe tying is a skill that needs to be mastered. You can’t just give your child a pair of shoes with laces and expect that he’s going to know how to tie them. It takes time,…
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Healthy Oral Sensory Processing

The senses play an integral role in day-to-day life. In order for each of the five senses to serve their intended purposes, they must effectively communicate with and receive from the brain. For some people, including children, however, this communication is askew and leads to sensory processing disorder (SPD.) Any one of the five senses…
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Cutting Activities for Hand Separation

As an adult, it may seem easy to use a scissor, but scissor skills are something that needs to be developed. No child picks up a pair of scissors and instantly knows how to use them. It takes time and patience.  In order to master the art of cutting with scissors and to develop fine…
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